Monday, July 16, 2007

Four Weddings & A Funeral

Last weekend I decided to watch Four Weddings & A Funeral. The first time I watched this movie was 13 years ago with my housemate, Ita when we were studying in Liverpool. At that time, we were still in good terms. It was a movie treat for helping her. I said it wasn’t necessary but she insisted. Plus, it was the first time someone treated me for a movie. What's so wonderful about this movie that I could watched it again & again after so many years? It’s the fact that one will do or say foolish things just to find that perfect someone.

The story is about Charles (Hugh Grant), who has difficulty to commit in any kind of relationship, falls for Carrie (Andie MacDowell). For some reason, they frequently met at weddings. One day Charles finally took the courage to confess how much he loves her. However, it was too late as she was about to get married. They got separated and it was one fateful day that brought them back together again - at Charles’ wedding day. Seeing her again made him feeling confused especially when he got to know about her failed marriage. He was about to marry someone he doesn’t love when he decided to follow his heart instead. Despite the fact that he made a fool of himself with his confession, it gave him something wonderful in return - his true love. The last scene was when they met after the wedding was called off. For the first time in his life, Charles uttered every single word perfectly to get her back into his life. 

It took them 4 weddings to finally be together, wonder how long it will take me to find that special someone. My 1st was someone that I was never meant to be with. I misunderstood our friendship and I wanted something more that she could ever give. The 2nd one left me hanging without a word, not even a goodbye. Probably it was for the best but even after so many years, I’m still hoping that she will come back someday. I confessed my true feelings to the 3rd one a year ago but she insisted that we’re to remain as just friends. No matter how much I tried to put my feelings aside, she kept making me falling for her from time to time. We're still good friends now. The 4th one is very unclear. I’m getting mixed signals and it's keeping me in the dark all the time. Not sure how I would go about this time. Only time will tell. I'm longing for somebody out there who will hear me say these beautiful words someday - “I’ve loved you from the first second I met you”.


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