Saturday, July 28, 2007

The "Secret"

Lately I feel so stressed out with my work issues. I have difficulty to share with any friend of mine as I was afraid of upsetting them instead. So I cried alone but was caught by a close colleague. Glad it was her as she knows me well. She found me in the same situation early last year when things got a bit tensed between us. In fact, it was her sweet words that brought us back together. Her comforting words always put a smile on my face. Thanks Baby !!

So I decided to do some soul searching, I was looking for some references to the book “Secret” which is highly recommended by a colleague. I wanted to change myself to be a better person in tough situations. Since I’m don't quite like reading, I decided to read the review and grasp the key message before made the purchase. After a few days of searching in thousands of links related to the word “secret”, I came across many unrelated topics, including this beautiful poem that caught my attention. It's entitled “It’s Now or Never, Forever”. I've read that poem before in my friend's blog, the same person who recommended the book Secret. What a coincidence!! The word “secretlink back to her. Come to think of it, we shared some secrets that no one knows. After days of soul searching, the search of “secretended up linking to her unexpectedly. Totally ironic, it's it.

Wonder if there's any secret message hidden behind this strange encounter. This is either the creepiest moment in my life or I'm being haunted by bad memories - deja vu !! Never again ....

It's Now or Never, Forever
The silence between us is deafening as can be,
Our emotions tossed to and fro like the waves of the sea,
A longing to be seen, a need to be heard,
But we pass by each other without saying a word.

A seed of friendship planted within our hearts,
But how can it blossom if we remain far apart?
I long to trespass the barriers of your mind,
To discover the thoughts you've harboured all this time.

Truly, all it takes is one word from either of us,
To penetrate the fortress of this impregnable curse,
Of being so near and yet always so far,
To move one step closer from where we now are.

The distance between us smothers our souls,
Weariness of the heart is taking its toll,
The only potent cure from this death-threatening cold,
Is the warmth emitted by friendship's welcoming glow.

Like a flickering flame of a candle burning dim,
The future for us looks hopelessly grim,
Destined to be strangers for the rest of our lives,
We never said, "Hello" and there will be no goodbyes.

Is this the way things were meant to be?
That you would always be "you" and I would always be "me"?
Perhaps we can argue that is it for the best,
That this human element is not put to the test.

Knowing full well that we may never cross paths again,
If our friendship ended even before it began,
For it is ultimately up to us to choose,
If this opportunity is one we are willing to lose.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step,
Should secrets be revealed or forever be kept?
Out of fear of rejection and the risk of loss,
Are we not willing to bear the cost?

Watch the sands of time trickling in the hourglass,
Very soon the present will become the past,
Each and every moment passes by so fast,
"How long will we wait?" is the question we must ask.

Written by Marianne Liaw Sook Huei of Kuala Lumpur

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