Friday, September 28, 2007

They're leaving ...

Two months ago, my very close friend whom I got to know since my childhood days said she’s moving to KL after Raya, following her husband. I’ll be missing her and her cute daughter very much. She’s the only one left who occasionally spend time with me in the weekends. There will be no more lunch, dinner or even weekend getaway after this. In other words, less excitement days coming ahead.

Today, another friend of mine said she’ll be leaving for S’pore after Raya too for a new job. Wow! Two friends in just two months. Based on that calculation, I'll probably loose all my closest ones in less than 6 months if all of them decided to leave. I admit that I’m not very good when it comes to friendship but I do hope that someone is still there for me. Whatever reason they leave, it’s always for the better and I’m truly blessed for knowing them at some point in my life. No matter what, life has to go on. It's not an option ... it's the only wise decision one can make.

I’m sure you love the city life. Just don’t forget me once you’re settled. It’s always a fun crazy time with you and I’ll miss that the most. You & Qisty will always be my two favorite girls and I luv you both very much.

I’m happy in whatever decision you made coz it’s definitely for the best. I hope it will be a fresh beginning in the new place. If things don't work out right, you're always welcome to come back. It will never be the same without you ... we'll miss your laughter and your warm thoughts. We wish you love and most importantly happiness. I will miss you dearly and I’m truly sorry for not being a good friend.

" Friends come and go but good memories last forever "

Au Revoir my dear friends …


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