Friday, November 2, 2007

It's just Me ...

Someone I hardly know made a comment yesterday afternoon in the pantry. He said that he has never seen anyone as thorough as me in preparing a cup of coffee. He was referring to the whole thing, from cleansing the mug till the drink preparation. It started off with a good scrub inside and outside the mug, cleansed twice with cold water to wash away the soap and finally with hot water. Once the water is drained out of the mug, I left it for a few seconds to ensure the hot water droplets at the bottom of the mug are fully vaporized. When the inside is dried, then only I poured in the coffee mixture and filled it up with hot water till it covered one-third of the mug. I stirred the coffee mixture throughly to ensure it blends well with the hot water. Once the mixture is really smooth, I added more hot water till it almost reached the brim. When it’s done, I wiped the outside of the mug and finally left the pantry. I could sense that the guy was still smiling when I left him alone in the pantry. I don’t care about his earlier comment or his nasty smile. All that matters is that I enjoyed every single sip of coffee prepared that way. The satisfaction is beyond words … definitely worth the taste no matter how long it takes.

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