Sunday, May 1, 2011

Beautiful Liar

Dear “Z.J.” aka R.I. aka Luvly Butterfly or whatever you call yourself these days …

It’s been almost a month since your last sms reached me. Initially, I understand the silence as you need time and space to settle many things. Only now I realized not only you were busy settle down with your new job but you also started a new life with someone else. I should've suspected something wrong when I haven’t heard anything while you were "on holiday" in KL. I maybe smart in a few things in life but just plain stupid when it comes to love. Your early April sms has certainly made me a fool but I no longer wish to remain as one with all your lame excuses & sweet lies. I seriously doubt your love for me. In fact, you deserve no love at all … not from me. You’re not my Luvly Butterfly, “Beautiful Liar” probably suits you better.

Seriously, can’t believe I really fall for someone like you. I forgive you when you had a fling with your TAGGED friends because you convinced me that they were just harmless flirts. I even forgive you when you had an affair with your JB-mate Iman because you said it meant nothing to you coz I'm the only one who has a place in your heart. BULL-SHIT !! Your latest fling with Abi in KL left me totally speechless as I had no idea when it actually started. Once bitten, twice shy. Three times made me look like a BLOODY FOOLl!! Never thought you’re a heartless person who would leave me hanging without a closure after you secretly found someone better.

Our relationship that started since Aug 2008 is now in bits. All the memories are gone as I’ve no intention whatsoever to keep any of them. The only ones I shall take with me for the rest of my life are the lessons learnt from this painful relationship. At this moment, I feel nothing for you as I’ve chosen not to be a victim of your love. I’ve set you free from my mind, my heart & my soul. I no longer think of you, I do not wish to hear from you, I don’t want to speak to you, I don’t even care if I never ever see you again ... I simply don’t give a damn about you anymore!! We’re FINALLY over. NO MORE WE, now it’s just ME.

Everything I bought for you - clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelleries (including the diamond ring I gave when we first met) & not to forget the handphone that occasionally sms to me “by mistake” when it was meant for someone else you also call “Sayang”. DAMN IT!! You can do whatever you want with those useless things ... feel free to keep them. Otherwise, just burn or crush them to pieces just like you did with my aching heart. Don’t forget to take back your empty heart too coz someone else is dying to have it. Really can’t believe you treated me this way after I’ve loved you and trusted you with all my heart & stayed true to only you for all these years.

Don’t worry about the money you owe, treat them as a final gift for your upcoming birthday. Such an expensive gift to pay for someone who deserves nothing at all!! You’re a “Player” in your game of love. You played with so many hearts & you have won all of them. You may be good at winning this game but you will never survive the whole league. 

Kris Dayanti says I’m Sorry Goodbye but I would rather say my own way - “I’m NOT SORRY at all … GOODBYE”!!

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