Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Secret Rendezvous

Her name is Marzie. I knew her while pursuing my A-Level program. She was a MUCIA student. The first time I saw her was during hostel inter-block orientation week in 1990. She was with her three other beautiful friends among the crowd. She's very fair and has a black long hair. She seldom smile but when she does I just can't stop looking at her. During the last night of orientation, there was inter-block stage performance. My group chose to sing and dance to Pretty Woman song. As we did, my eyes were only looking at her while on stage. She’s the only pretty woman who deserves attention, such a stunning beauty!

After a few weeks stay at the hostel, I managed to locate her room - exactly facing mine at the opposite block. Her room is visible from my balcony and kitchen window. I noticed that she was rarely around. The only time I could catch a glimpse of her was at night.

I don't know why but I just wanted to get to know her. I never have the courage to do as I felt nervous whenever she was around. Late one night when everyone was asleep, I decided to leave a note under her door, signed off with the name “Phantom”. Can’t remember the words but it was a simple note of compliments. Sent a few but none was responded. It was a bad idea, I pushed the wrong button and scared her away instead. She moved to the top floor at a different entrance.

My second attempt was during Valentine’s Day in 1991. Instead of a customised Valentine Card, I made her a Garfield figure out of styro-foam board, decorated with colored-paper and outlined with a black marker. He was holding a pink heart with a message “Be My Valentine”. That was one of the creative talents I had in those days. She was surprised to see me in front of her room that night with a 3ft tall Garfield staring at her. When I briefly said that it was meant as a gift, she smiled and complimented me. Her kind words played in my mind the whole night. That was our first chat, a very brief one. Since then, I felt more confident to approach her face to face. Although we may not say a single word but her sweet smile was good enough for me.

The 2nd time I went to her room was when promoting my selection of mini roller perfumes. Her friends invited me in and ‘interrogated’ me for a while. She must have confided in them about my interest for her. I don’t feel awkward, just interested to get to know them too. Before I left her room, she ordered an apple perfume. The fruity scent must have caught her attention.

When A-Level exam was finally over in 1992, I wanted to see her for the last time but she already left as her exam break started much earlier. So, I made her a compilation tape of songs and left in her mailbox. Not sure if the tape ever reached her.

After 15 years, I found her again through Friendster. She's lovely as ever. Only now I know she’s a cat lover and collects miniature perfume. That explains why she loves the Garfield figure I made her and bought the roller perfume. Perhaps I managed to charm her in some ways. I'm glad I did those things even though she may not recall them.

Happy Birthday Marzie … among the Beautiful Girls that I’ve known, you are the Masterpiece of all.

M - Masterpiece describes her Beauty … she's so Lovely
A - Affection towards her Passion … an Exquisite perfume collection
R - Romance runs in her Soul … her words are a touch of gold
Z - Zest drives her to quest for only the best
I - IrresistibleAdorableDesirable
E - Ecstatic smile ... such Elegant style



Random Magus said...

That is so sweet! She is beautiful indeed!

Jacques Pierre said...

Random, she is a beauty n you too my dear :)