Saturday, August 25, 2007

Thinking of You

It was my friend’s birthday a few days ago, Eina, who was my A-Level roommate. She is pretty and very thoughtful when it comes to birthdays. She never misses any of her friends’, including mine. For the past 15 years, I would either receive a card, an email or a simple sms greeting early in the morning. This is the kind of gesture that I treasure the most - life's simple pleasure. There was one occasion she made a card herself. It was during our 2nd year. I was extremely happy as I’ve never received such a thoughtful gift from anyone. It was beautifully decorated with cute sparkling stars and creatively written in golden ink. Wish I still have it so that I could proudly show her how much it meant to me. I had it until about 5 years ago when I stayed temporarily in another house. The card with other personal stuff I kept safely in a shoe box were gone when I moved back. No one seems to know what happened or who kept them. I felt like part of me was missing. Until today it is still a mystery - unresolved case of X-File!

It’s very touching to know someone who cares for me in a way that I've never imagine. I don't recall any misunderstanding between us during the 2 years we were together as roommates. We had so much fun, lots of laughter and no tears. She's the sweetest friend that I've known. We still keep in touch even though she already have a family. I may have lost the card she made but I will never loose her as my friend. That's a promise.

My dear Eina …
We may be miles away or worlds apart
Our friendship will keep us close in our hearts.

I will always love you.
*Yr ex mate*

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