Thursday, September 20, 2007

Family, Friends & Femme Fatale

Recently a friend of mine, a full-time blogger published a photo of her work space at home. It looks so simple and very conducive to work. Her perfume gallery is neatly displayed on the wall rack above the work space. Only essential things are placed on the table with a few personal touch of photo display to lighten up the place. Compared to my work space in the office, it’s totally the opposite. I’ve got all sorts of stuff hanging around my cubicle. They’re mainly stuffed toys and souvenirs from family and friends. There are also a few cute ones I bought for display purpose. One might wonder whether I'm working for Big 'M' or Toys 'R' Us :)

Among the stuff I bought, I love the brown magnetic bear the most. It has 5 magnets embedded in its body and you can stick it whichever way you want. I initially bought one for my friend to stick a thank you note for taking care of my baby cactus whenever I’m away for training or holiday. Since it’s so cute, I bought one for myself too. My next favorite thing I bought is the Grey Tatty Bear. I had to go to quite a number of shops before I could find these adorable bears. Though they’re actually old stuff, I managed to scrub through their stock to get the best looking ones. I bought 3 and gave the other 2 to Baby and Darling. Tatty Bear reminds me of how close the 3 of us used to be and that’s the main reason behind it.

Next in the list is the collection of toy cars from Shell. The 5 red ones displayed in a row are the recent collection. There’s another 2 cars located under the LCD monitor, a red Ferrari and a yellow Porsche which my Dad bought 13 years ago. They have a metal body and look more authentic than the red collection ones. The ‘N’ crystal hanging around the koala bear are actually hand phone keychain made of Swarovski crystal. I bought ‘N’ for myself, ‘A’ for Mum, ‘Z’ for my aunt, ‘S’ for Baby and another ‘S’ for SR. Mum and SR hang it on their phone while my aunt have it displayed at her handbag. I also bought an extra ‘S’ to hang under my car rear view mirror, next to the customized metal pendant that bears my name. Until today, I still can’t figure out why I decided to put ‘S’ next to my name. The significance of it is unknown.

The red ribbon was given to me during an AIDS memorial event in 2005. It was the first social event I was invited and it was truly an eye-opener to me. The blue star was taken from my birthday gift bag earlier this year. The cute Mr. Bean bear and the skeleton figure in the red socks are part of the stuff I bought last year during Christmas. The cream-colored bear wearing ‘tutu’ is a friendship gift from Hanie in 2006. The red & yellow deflated rubber with some glitters used to be a ‘stress ball’ I bought from Motorola Young Enterprise sale a few months ago. It was filled with flour and somehow got too ‘stressed’ out a few weeks ago. I didn’t squeeze it a lot as I find that it looks better as a d├ęcor instead. The glitter pattern is very unique and abstract - caught my eyes the moment I saw it!

The cactus is a gift from my ex-boss from her trip to Cameron Highlands 2 years ago. The red plastic bottle is to squirt water on the cactus every morning. My cactus has a few baby growing all over it’s body and it looks like the shape of a cute teddy bear with its butt stuck into the pot and giving ‘the finger’!! :-)

The wooden Totem-Pole figure is a gift from 7 Habits training and it is called a talking stick in one of the class activities. The rest of the stuff toys are gifts from family. The glass frame with Siti Nurhaliza photo beside the cactus used to be Ambi Pur air-freshener. To spice up the place, I hung a few ‘femme fatale’ photos taken from cosmetics, jewelry and lingerie brochure. As a final touch, there’s a photo display of my mum and aunt with the poem I made especially for mother’s day. I place it up above all so that my eyes will look at it every time I lean back on my chair for short breaks.

My work space may be cluttered in certain places but it does create a good ambience. I have all the necessities surrounding me for great inspiration - a personal touch of Family, Friends and Femme Fatale.

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