Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Time For Us

The first time we met
It was a brief casual chat
All she needed was just a teabag

The first time we exchanged glance
Almost left me in a trance
Intense was how it ends

The first time she touched my arm
There was no slight of alarm
Must be her beautiful charm

The first time she gave me a hug
It wasn’t a real snug
Just to show how she was bugged

The first time we walked together
We burst into laughter
On the way to satisfy our hunger

The first time she held onto my shoulder
Her heels entangled with one another
Should’ve offered my hands to hold her

The first time we dine
She looks so divine
Her words blew out my mind

The first time I looked into her eyes
There was no disguise
Only sparkles … no lies

The first time we shared our past
It wasn’t a blast or even aghast
The feelings somehow didn’t last

The first time I whispered into her ear
It felt kind of queer
Makes me want to disappear

The first time I touched her hand
She was stunned coz I never meant
Just a reaction to situation unplanned

The first time I gently pat her back
I sensed that she was taken aback
I should’ve just instead lay back

The first time I touched her heart
I ended up tore it apart
A sense of regret that will never part

The first time she touched my hand
I could no longer pretend
Just dying inside for the silence to end

The first time we got back along
It didn’t last that long
The feeling was still strong

The first time I touched her face
She was full of grace
Makes me want to embrace

The last time I looked into her eyes
My heart endlessly cries
How could I break her trust

The last time we got together
I made another blunder
Wonder if I have totally lost her

The last time we talked to each other
Her reaction made it very clear
We can never be together

The first time I tried to say goodbye
I couldn’t even look into her eyes
My heart … just won’t tell lies

The First Time She said Goodbye
My Eyes Silently Cry
My Heart Slowly Die ...

The Last Moments We spent together
Her Final Words Linger in my ear
I still Love her … Miss her So Dear

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