Thursday, November 22, 2007

I Said ... She Said

I said “Hey there … how was your day ?”
She said “Please go away ”

I said “What’s wrong ?”
She said “Nothing. Just move along”

I said “Come on, what’s on your mind ?”
She said “I just need time to unwind”

I said “Is there anything I can do ?”
She said “It’s ok … no thank you !”

I said “I’m there if you need me”
She said “Yeah right, we’ll see !!”

I said “Hey … I really mean what I said”
She said “Sorry. It’s just things not looking good ahead”

I said “No matter what I’m with you”
She said “I wish no one knew”

I said “We do make mistake”
She said “It’s something that I can’t forsake”

I said “I wish I could help in some way”
She said “All I could do now is pray”

I said “It probably need more time”
She said “I hope it won’t take a lifetime”

I said “Don’t worry … things will be okay”
She said “Thank you so much for making my day”

I said “Take care …”
She said “Thanks for being there”

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