Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Being Happy

My dad gave me with this book, Being Happy by Andrew Matthews, as a birthday gift but it went missing 12 years ago. Only recently, it ‘found its way back’ to me. It seems that my younger brother borrowed it and totally forgot about it all these years. He found it last week after I persistently asked him to look through his book collection early this year.

I came to know about its ‘disappearance’ while I was at my Aunt’s house in KL during Dec holiday last year. I was looking for a book to read as I couldn’t sleep one night. While browsing through the book rack, this particular book caught my attention as it looks very familiar. I looked through it and it’s a gift for my Aunt from her dear husband. Suddenly, I remembered that I used to have one years ago. Someone borrowed it and haven’t returned ever since. I lost the interest to find something to read right that moment. Instead, my mind started to wonder about the missing book, which happened to be the last birthday gift from my dad. I’ve never been careless before, especially when it comes to my prized possession. The thought of losing it was very upsetting. I couldn’t even sleep at all as I was trying hard to remember who could’ve borrowed. I asked everyone the next morning but no one recalls seeing such book back home. My Aunt wanted me to have hers but I politely declined. I’d rather have the copy that my dad gave, the only one I cherish very much. I felt totally devastated as I haven’t even had the chance to finish reading it. I vowed not to read that book again until I found the one that truly belongs to me.

The arrival of this long awaited book is like an omen. In a way, it’s telling me that I should find my happiness no matter how long it takes. Maybe it’s already there but I’m just too blind to see. Another possibility is that I can see it but not ready to acknowledge or too scared to take a step forward. Either way, I’ll keep my eyes wide open for anything that comes along. I shall be happy with whatever that awaits me eventually. It may take time but I will reach there one fine day...

Frank Sinatra did it his way …
Likewise, I shall pursue my happiness in my own way.

Thanks for the book.
Here’s looking at you Dad …

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