Thursday, May 8, 2008

Emancipation of Me ...

Dear 'Elle Dee' ...

I’m sorry if I ever Say Something to indicate that I Still Believe We Belong Together. My, All I’ve Ever Wanted was to Be ThereAnytime You Need A Friend.

For The Record, I wished for an ‘us’ but I gave up last year to give MyBaby a chance.

Bye ByeI Wish You Well.


Dear MyBaby ...

You used to Touch My heart with your Emotions Whenever You Call … I was your Hero for those special moments. You made me believed We Belong Together but it seemed that You Don’t Remember when I said Don’t Forget About Us. I once told myself that you will Always Be My Baby but it turned out to be a Fantasy.

Do You Know Where we’re going to? I certainly don’t have a clue. Without You, Everything Fades Away and I’ve to give you up even if I still Can’t Let Go. I Don’t Wanna Cry … I just want to Make It Through The Rain and
cease the pain.

Hasta La Vista MyBaby … Last Kiss 4U.


Dear Me,

Love Takes TimeIt’s Like That. You’ll be together with your Dream Lover One Sweet Day. She may be a Heartbreaker years ago but she’s all you ever have that makes you want to Stay In Love. She’s that special someone whom you would love to call Sweetheart or just plain Honey

Do what it takes to realize this Vision of Love into a Love Story Someday. You can Make It Happen When You Believe in yourself. Never Forget You are your own Hero

C’est La Vie

E = Emancipation
M = Me
M' = MyBaby
E' = 'Elle Dee'

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