Monday, November 3, 2008

I'll Be Your ...

I’ll Be Your Best Friend
The one who holds your hand
I’ll be true and never pretend

I’ll Be Your Companion
The one who truly concern
I’m always there whenever you turn

I’ll Be Your Ears
The one who washes away your tears
I’ll fill your heart with joy and happiness

I’ll Be Your Eyes
The one who helps you get by
I’ll be someone you can always rely

I’ll Be Your Shoulder
The one who holds you so dear
In my arms you feel no fear

I’ll Be Your Bodyguard
The one who looks after your heart
I'll make sure no one tear it apart

I’ll Be Your Lover
The one who satisfies your hunger
We’ll be happy together forever

I’ll Be Your Man
The one who loves you till the end
Beside you is where I stand

I’ll Be Your Soulmate
The one who’s willing to wait
There’s never a moment too late

I'll Be Your Valentine

I’ll Be Yours … You’ll Be Mine
We'll last till the end of time.

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