Friday, February 1, 2008

Music in Me

Music has always been part of my life since my childhood days. It accompanies me all the time, since early in the morning till I fall asleep at night. There is never a single day in my life goes by without listening to music. I just can't live without it ... it feels so incomplete.

For all these years, I've found solace in all sorts of music. They are totally in sync with everything that I feel inside of me. It talks to me when I’m lonely, comforts me when I’m sad, provides me strength when I need one, it praises me for my feat, it gives me serenity ... it basically fulfills my soul. I have options to choose what I desire to hear at any time, anything from passion for romance to the power for glory. All it takes is to select the right kind of music with the appropriate tempo to feel the emotion.

Once the music starts, my life spins into a world of my own. No one bothers me, my worries fade away ... it's only me and my music. Sometimes the feeling was so electrifying that I totally got caught up in the zone. When reality kicks in, my world slowly vanished and I'm forced to go back into the real world where anxiety awaits me.

Although music accompanies me all day long, I rather be with a better companion at times – friends. It’s true that music helps me to forget the sorrow but comforting words from friends indefinitely get rid of the pain.

Friends are like Music & Lyrics ...
.. We need each other
... We walk hand in hand together
... We run after each other
... We hold on to one another
... We cry together
... We laugh at each other
... We blend together
... We totally can't live without the other

P/s : You are the Lyrics in My Music

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