Friday, February 1, 2008

What's left of Baby Cactus ...

It was my fault. I didn’t get someone to water Baby Cactus during Dec holiday. Not because I forgot but I couldn’t get MyBaby to help out. For some reason, she was keeping her distance since early Dec. I tried to approach her several times but she avoided me. In the end, I left Baby alone to deal with her problem. That left me no choice than to water Baby Cactus till it reached the top of the pot, hoping it would sustain for 2 weeks. When I came back early this year, the bottom part of its body has dried up. I tried to revive by gently removed the whole body out of the pot and placed under running water for a quick refresh. Then I rearranged the soil before firmly planted it back in the pot. Even though Baby Cactus looks better, I have a feeling that it may not last forever … I was right!

After 1.5 months, MyBaby finally broke her silence and made her first visit to my cubicle. She was a bit upset with something which I couldn’t even help. She needed comfort and that was all I could offer her. In the midst of comforting her, she noticed something wrong with Baby Cactus as the body has slanted to the side, towards its mate, Shaun the Sheep. She grabbed hold of Baby Cactus and looked sadly at it. I told MyBaby that it was my fault as I left it alone while I was away. MyBaby persistently asked me why I didn’t get her help to water Baby Cactus like I used to. I shrugged off my shoulder and kept quiet. I couldn’t tell her that I wanted to but I can't as she was avoiding me at that time.

Only a few days ago I decided to do what’s best for Baby Cactus – removed the green ones from its dried body and re-planted them close together with a mixture of new soil. That’s the only way to revive what’s left of it. Such a pity to see its main body, the one that has been keeping other parts together for the past 2 years, no longer have the strength to survive. I had to stop the pain and finally put it to rest. Apart from the main body, there was a small baby that didn’t make it either. I just don’t have the heart to get rid of this particular baby as it was among the last few to grow. The least I could do was to ‘preserve’ the small baby inside a gel-filled container and placed it next to the newly planted Baby Cactus. This way, they can still be close to each other. I hope a taste of new soil will give Baby Cactus a new breath of life …

I'm sorry for neglecting you ... I vow to take full responsibility for your well-being.

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