Monday, March 31, 2008

MyBaby n Me ...

The first time I saw MyBaby
MyBaby looks so pretty
I can’t resist looking at MyBaby

Each time I glance at MyBaby
Her sweet smile greets Me
MyBaby never fail to amaze Me

Whenever I talk to MyBaby
Her kind words comfort Me
With MyBaby is where I want to be

Wherever I go with MyBaby
Everyone looks queerly at Me
They wonder why MyBaby likes Me

Spending time with MyBaby
Makes Me extremely happy
My days no longer feel empty

There’s nothing about MyBaby
That makes Me feel uneasy
Everything about MyBaby pleases Me

Anytime MyBaby needs Me
I’m there to care for MyBaby
I can’t see MyBaby in agony

Sometimes I buy gift for MyBaby
To show how much MyBaby means to Me
I just can’t stop loving MyBaby

At times MyBaby is mad at Me
For taking things too seriously
It’s only moments before MyBaby forgives Me

There’s something about MyBaby
That always drives Me crazy
Until today it’s still a mystery

One day I share secrets with MyBaby
It takes time but MyBaby still accepts Me
Only then I trust no one but MyBaby

Now MyBaby has to leave Me
But I can’t let MyBaby see
Deep inside I’m in total misery

I want MyBaby to stay with Me
I can’t live without MyBaby
I wish MyBaby comes back to Me

MyBaby said she’ll miss Me
I can’t help but cried with MyBaby
Now I know MyBaby cares for Me

I’m sorry if I was unfaithful to MyBaby
I never meant to hurt MyBaby intentionally
MyBaby … please forgive Me

I pray that MyBaby stays happy
In my heart is where MyBaby will be
All I ask is MyBaby to remember Me

Take care MyBaby
Fear not MyBaby
‘WE’ will survive … trust Me

I miss you MyBaby
I love you MyBaby

‘WE’ = MyBaby + Me

[Music for MyBaby n Me]


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